" I create my work using raw authentic vocals,

that carry artistic integrity

and emotional truth." 

 Singer & Songwriter Amaya Rye. 





"It's about the art."

      I discovered my abilities as a Singer at a young age and chose to nurture my capabilities independently, singing privately for 20 years. During the past 20 years, I have learnt about the craft of every art form I wish to perform with from training in each one first hand.  My training includes 4 years in acting, 2 years in Contemporary dance, 1 year in Physical Theatre and one year in Circus Arts and Acrobatics. My first professional job as a Poet helped lay the foregrounds for developing my skills in songwriting and encouraged me to continue to develop my songwriting skills from intuition. During the larger part of this time period I've remained in "vocal hibernation", due to recovery of some vocal trauma. Until now......